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Dashboards “contracts for medical services under the program of medical guarantees” has 2 sections.

Chapter 1“the Information about existing contracts on health care of the population” contains information about the total number of institutions that have signed an agreement with NCSU, the number of public and private. There is also the distribution of contracted institutions in the regions.

by using the filters on the left side information can be analyzed according to the following criteria:
- region, type of settlement;
- form of management;
- group of services;
- enterprise code of the institution;
- name of the institution;
- contract number;
- the amount of the contract.

Chapter 2“the Map of providers of medical assistance with details on the groups of services” shows the information from the first section in the form of interactive maps.

you Can choose any about the'the object on the map visualization of all indicators and visualization elements on the page will be forwarded automatically.
you can Also hover the mouse on any element of visualization and'will be able to scale this element on the entire page and view a list of all filters that affect it. If you press the  right-click on a visual element, get context menu where you can get the data that is used to display the item in the table.

In each section dashbord:
- date of last update of data located in the lower left or upper right corner of the  page.
- the option to repost in social networks - in the lower right corner of the page; 
- option to reset all filters to search information in the upper left corner;
- to open the dashboard in full screen - use the arrows in the lower right corner.

To view dashbord from your smartphone, you must enable the auto rotate in the phone settings and turn the smartphone horizontally.