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Коронавірус (COVID-19)

Детальна інформація про коронавірус COVID-19

In 2020 the implementation of the LAW of Ukraine “On state financial assurance of medical care" medical safeguards will work in full . Medical services at all levels will purchase from suppliers and to pay according to the agreement, the national health service'I Ukraine. Procurement of services is subject to the providers terms of service and specifications for specific services/groups of services (“requirements”).
Published for review and public comment draft requirements for medical services to be provided under the Program of medical safeguards agreement with NCSU. These requirements formed within 5 months according to the results of work by leading practitioners, external experts, NCSU as well as professionals of the National health service'I and the Ministry of health'I Ukrainy.
Comments and suggestions regarding the requirements can be sent until 1 August 2019 to the address [email protected]  (Eugene Melnyk, Deputy head of the Department of interaction with external experts). All developed documents will be submitted for approval to the Ministry of health'I Ukrainy.

Minimum requirements for the provision of guaranteed medical services program medical safeguards in the direction of:
- Surgery