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in Accordance with the regulations of the National service of health ' I Ukraine, NSSU concludes, amends and terminates contracts on medical services and agreements remboursera in the framework of government programmes “Affordable drugs”. The national health service’, I will introduce a new, transparent and unified rules for all funding of the health system'I Ukraine:

  • Patients receive state-guaranteed free medical services and medicines.
  • the Only customer and payer health care program guarantees is NCSU.
  • We guarantee effective and targeted use of public funds according to the principle of payment for efficiently rendered services and not the maintenance of institutions.
  • Used transparent methods of financing on the basis of captaine rates, fees, and hospitalization, etc.
  • We stand FOR competition and equality of service providers public and private forms of ownership.
  • Provide transparency due to the functioning E-health system'I publish all reports on the website, NCSU. 

    to enter into a contract with NCSU can, both municipal and private medical institutions. In order to begin to cooperate under the contract with NCSU, the facility must:
  • Autonomia (mandatory’obligatory for public institutions); 
  • join the E-health system’, I; 
  • have the necessary equipment; 
  • apply to NCSU   
  • to sign the contract. 
    In 2019 will consist of the following stages of transformation of the health system’I provide the conclusion of contracts with medical and pharmacy institutions:
  • go government program reimbursement "of Available drugs" in the administration of NCSU and conclusion of contracts with the pharmacies;  
  • the beginning of the program «free diagnostics” from 1 July 2019 and the process of concluding agreements with institutions outpatient outpatient specialized medical care;  
  • start “pilot” the reform of secondary care medicine in Poltava region from 1 April 2019 and the conclusion of contracts with medical institutions, providing inpatient care.  
    Cooperation with National health service’I institutions opens up new opportunities for development. The transformation of the health system’I as a whole is turning its face to people. Doctors get decent pay, patients – quality and care.