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dashboard “Issued and released electronic prescriptions" you can get information about discharged and released of electronic prescriptions for medicines, which participate in a government program, reimbursement “Affordable drugs”.

to select search filters to the information you need, use the button “Filter” at the top left. There you can choose region, district and city where you make and release electronic prescriptions, as well as the distribution of medical and pharmaceutical institutions by type of ownership.

the Results of the information obtained using the selected filters are divided into two parts:

left - to-digital and graphic form can be seen in the number of electronic prescriptions in health institutions,’I, the partners of NCSU, in the selected region;

right - the amount dispensed prescriptions in pharmacies participating in the program for reimbursement "of Available drugs", in the same region.

to remove the window “Filter”, for convenience, use the button "Close window". While your chosen filters will be saved. If you want to start the search for new filters, use the button “Cancel filters”.

at the bottom Right you have the option to repost in social networks and the function of “Deploy dashboard full screen”.

at the bottom Left you can see the date last updated.