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How will you verify a digital signature?

the verification Procedure of the signature will occur at all stages of its application.

Who can register a pharmacy in electronic health system?

the head of the institution in accordance with the information of the Ministry of justice.

All pharmacies the legal entity must be registered in the electronic system, to be able to apply for Treaty remboursera with NCSU?

At the time of registration of the legal entity in electronic health system'I have to be registered and all pharmacies pharmacies the legal entity indicated in the Register of places prowadzenia activities in retail trade of medicines.

NCSU, who will conclude contracts on rembourser ?

NCSU will enter into contracts on remboursera with pharmacy establishments of all forms property which will fulfill a minimum set of requirements.

Who should sign the application and agreement remboursera by pharmacy companies?

a Statement signed by the head of the institution according to information from the unified state register his digital signature as the head of the institution.

Which one should be digital signature to sign the application and contract with NCSU?

a digital signature of Agency head or authorized person.

Contains information: name of the Director or the authorized person, position, enterprise code of the institution name of the institution etc.

How the pharmacy can recognize that the application is registered and accepted for consideration?

a Statement on the conclusion of the contract is recorded in eHealth at the time of submission. The facility can check the status of the consideration of the application in the personal account of your medical information system.

What period is provided to pharmaceutical institutions to correct errors in the statement on the Treaty on rembourser?

a Pharmacy may apply for a contract as many times as necessary to enter into a contract.

Do I need to change/obtain a new licence for the pharmacy or pharmacy before you sign the contract on remboursera with NCSU?

No. Remboursera agreement may be signed in the presence of pharmacies a valid license for the retail sale of medicines.

Is it possible to release fewer drugs than prescribed in the electronic prescription?

Let go e-recipe is the amount of drugs that was prescribed by a doctor and which is specified in the recipe. Assigning a course of treatment, the physician expects that the patient will actually receive the designated number of HP.

in addition, today the Ministry of health ' I Ukraine proposed for public discussion the draft amendments to Order of Ministry of health dated 19.07.2005 No. 360, which provides for the establishment of limitations in the electronic system of health’I am writing a prescription for a certain MNN earlier than 7 days before the end of the treatment period, the particular previous prescription for the same MNN (3 days, if the duration of treatment less than 21 days).

Accordingly, the release of a smaller quantity of drugs than specified in the recipe, could reduce access to treatment and financial protection of the patient.

Is it possible to release greater amount of drugs than prescribed in the electronic prescription?

What to do for the patient, which the doctor has written an electronic prescription for a certain amount of HP, but the packaging with so many LS that used to take the patient to the pharmacy, but there is large pack of the same HP?

For example: a prescription clopidogrel 75 mg # 30, the patient usually takes Aerocard 75 mg, which is at the time of treatment of the patient in the pharmacy available in packages of No. 40 and No. 70.

this situation has two options: (1) the patient can go to another pharmacy and get it discharged a quantity of drugs, or (2) the patient can call the doctor with a request to cancel this and issue a new prescription to prescription number LS corresponds to the available range of pharmacy. The decision about such a change of recipes takes the doctor.

Is it possible to release the prescribed number of drugs, but less than the whole package?

In the first phase of the introduction of electronic prescriptions (at least until the end of 2019) leave incomplete packing of drugs it is technically impossible to register.

et’is due to the fact that the reimbursement of drugs released will be according to the reimbursement prices established for a whole package in the Registry of medicines, the cost of which is refundable.

On the basis of experience of implementation of electronic prescriptions will be determined whether it is expedient to amend such practices. If this decision is made, will be accordingly modified the order of formation of the Registry and logic to operate the electronic prescription from the point of view of the electronic system.

Is it possible to release the prescribed number of drugs, but multiple packages?

For example: a prescription clopidogrel 75 mg # 30, the patient usually takes Aerocard 75 mg, which is at the time of treatment of the patient in the pharmacy available in packages No. 10. You can release this recipe three packages Aerocarb?

So, you can let go of some identical packages of the same drugs one pharmacy institution for the 1st time, that the total amount of released drugs was equal to the discharged amount of the LS.

Is it possible to let PM if the expired registration?

Register of medicines, the cost of which is recoverable, composed in such a way that it can only get those drugs, registration certificate which will be valid for the next 6 months of the Registry.

Accordingly, release of drugs, the validity of the registration certificate has expired, it will be impossible.

It will be possible to generate a report for a separate structural division for verification?

Reports may be generated in the system twice a month and will be payable as the primary documents will not have the granularity to the level of structural units of pharmacies.

Reports for payment will be based on data from a registry of prescriptions, which is permanently stored in the Central database electronic health system'I. Pharmacy schools will not need to generate these reports manually and compare them with hospitals or doctors.

However, pharmacies may need to obtain information in other sections or on a different date. The possibility of the formation of custom reports on the side pharmacies will depend on the functionality of information systems used by pharmaceutical institution. The ability to generate a report in a convenient format can be a competitive advantage for developers of information systems.

NCSU does not impose requirements for such functionality and developers of information systems themselves are defined relative to the need for its development based on the needs of users. 

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signature-data in electronic form, received by results of the cryptographic transformation that adds a subscriber to other data or documents logically with them et's contact and used them as the signature. In Ukraine, 7 November 2018, according to the law “On electronic trust services" electronic signature can be in three categories: simple electronic signature and stamp – a low level of confidence; the advanced electronic signature and print – the average level of trust; qualified electronic signature and seal (hereinafter - CEP) – a high level of confidence. It is only a qualified electronic signature (i.e., signature with a high level of trust) is equivalent to a handwritten (part 4 of article 18 of the Law on EDP). CEP and qualified electronic seal can be used by legal entities and individuals as an analogue of a handwritten signature or seal to give an electronic document legally binding. Legal force of electronic document signed cap equivalent to the legal force of a paper document with handwritten signature of the legal person. Cap has all the main characteristics of a handwritten signature:

  • verifying that the received document came from the signatory;

  • ensures the integrity and protection against distortions and corrections in the signed document;

  • does not allow the signatory to renounce obligations'commitments that it took upon itself by signing this document.

the safety of the use of the CEP is provided by the fact that the funds used to operate the cap, pass the expertise of the State service of special communication'communication and information protection of Ukraine.

Where and how to obtain qualified electronic signature?

the Keys cap can be obtained for free from the Accredited key certification center of Information and reference Department of the State fiscal service of Ukraine (AKCC DFS). There are also other accredited centers of certification of keys which provide such services on a commercial or other basis (for example, a Bank may to give free cap its customers).
Complete list of accredited centers of certification of keys can be found in the Electronic register of subjects’objects of the sphere cap on Central certifying authority of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine.

How to obtain a qualified electronic signature from the AKCC DFS?

General information about receiving services from cap, AKCC DFS can be found here.
the procedure of getting a key cap of a legal entity from the AKCC of the DFS described here.
the Procedure of obtaining the CEP physical person-entrepreneur described here.
to Receive services of the CEP in offices, AKCC DFS exclusively within the territorial unit (region) of the state registration of a legal entity.

Address and other contact information of the nearest representative of the AKCC of the DFS can be found at the link.
To obtain services cap legal entity, you must prepare the media (with the’high-capacity flash media, optical media CD/DVD other, at the rate of one per key), envelopes (for each key to prevent unauthorized access to key information) and relevant documents. In particular for the design of the CEP for the employees of the entity must have the originals and copies of documents of these persons, as well as copies of documents confirming the identity of the legal entity and powers of the employees (the order of appointment or employment contract).
With the help of experts representative of the AKCC of the DFS will be created the keys, their names recorded on electronic media and the instructions for use.

The qualified electronic signature?

Head of institution (official papiano according to data from the unified state register - the unified state register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and community groups) to register in the system, the conclusion of the contract, signing the reports.
- Authorised person (for registration of employees in the electronic system).
- Worker (s) pharmacy authorized to carry out a prescription release of the drug via a prescription in the electronic system.

cap should contain the information: name, position, enterprise code of the institution name of the institution etc.

It looks like and in what form is issued to the qualified electronic signature?

During the procedure the formation of the CEP generates a pair of public and private keys which correspond to each other. The public key needed for authentication, digital signature, and posted on the official web-site, AKCC DFS. To find the public key certificate can be the link.
Closed (private) key cap is recorded on a medium which is issued to the subscriber. This is a special file, and see it in the list of files only if the folder settings media mode enabled show hidden files.
He also needs to remember that’bookmark password for access to your personal key. This password must be entered at the time of the overlay signatures.
Be careful! In the case of a lost password, you cannot restore it, and have to get new key cap!

The validity of the obtained qualified electronic signature?

the validity of the CEP, AKCC DFS is 2 (two) years from the date of their formation. If you already have a cap, it should make sure it is still valid.

How fast you can obtain a qualified electronic signature?

Actually, the procedure of key generation, the CEP and the passwords to them takes a few minutes. The actual time required for registration of the CEP, depends on the workload of the center of certification of keys, and speed of check by employees of CA of documents provided by the applicant.

Where to get software for electronic health system ?

For participating pharmacies in government program reimbursement "of Available drugs"  (or home pharmacy Agency of medicines subject to reimbursement) under the contract with NCSU must register in the electronic health system'I eHealth. In this system there will be a Treaty remboursera and medications on electronic prescriptions.
Software for electronic health system'I offer many different developers of information systems.
Perak information systems, as well as information about the current state of development of functionality for reimbursement is posted on the website of the National health service’I Ukraine. This information is constantly updated.
to learn more about the company offering it solutions – click on the name of the developer in the column "e".

What normative legal acts regulating the interaction of NCSU and pharmacies that will participate in the government program “Affordable drugs” in 2019?

on 27 February, the Ukrainian Government approved a package of regulations on transition management "of Available drugs" to the National health service’I Ukraine. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers reglamentary interaction, NCSU and pharmacies, who will take part in the government programme "of Available drugs" in 2019.
the Full text of the regulations can be found at:
“Some aspects of reimbursement of medicines”< / span>
"Some questions concerning contracts on remboursera”
“On approval of Procedure of use of funds envisaged in the state budget for reimbursement of the cost of medicines for treatment of certain diseases"

What legislative grounds for the use of personal data by pharmaceutical workers to qualified electronic signature and the registration in the electronic healthcare system?
From what sources to use information for registration of a legal entity or private entrepreneur and leader in the electronic health system (eHealth)?
From what sources to use the information when filling in the section about the license?

Information about the license is specified according to the decision (order) on granting a main license for the retail sale of medicines your pharmacy schools.

How to know that check companies successful?

complete the procedure of registration of the legal entity and the head of the institution in eHealth is by a process of applying a qualified electronic signature of the head of this institution. In response to the email address specified during registration will receive a letter of confirmation. The receipt of this letter confirms the success of the registration process.

From what sources to use information for registration of pharmacies and pharmacy points?

Verification of information about the structural subdivisions of the pharmacy companies (place of business) will be using Register of places of implementation of activities in wholesale and retail trade BOS of the State service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control.
Department Name pharmacies must match the name in column "Name pharmacies", and  to match the column “the Address of the pharmacy institution" of the corresponding Register. With a view to the successful registration of pharmacy departments in eHealth recommend you to copy information from this registry.

Need for pharmaceutical employee self-register in the eHealth system?

Pharmaceutical employees do not need to register in eHealth on their own. Such workers registers the head of the pharmacy institution or an authorized person of the institution. The final stage of registration of the worker is to send an email invitation to the specified email address at registration to confirm your registration in the eHealth. 

As a pharmaceutical worker to have an account with the appropriate rights in eHealth?

After you have entered data in eHealth, pharmaceutical employee by e-mail comes an email with a link for registration. when prompted, the user must confirm the registration information and agree to the terms of cooperation with E-Health, ask login/password. After accepting the invitation the user gets an account with the appropriate rights.

Be sure to fill the unit professional development?

This block of information is filled in only if the qualified employee. For pharmacists, this information is not specified. However, if the selected specialty of the pharmacist or clinical pharmacist - unit qualification mandatory'must be filled in. 

For which workers need to fill in information about a degree?

a Block of information about the academic degree is not'is mandatory and filled only with adequate information about science degree from the employee.

What are the requirements for pharmacies that want to conclude an agreement on remboursera with NCSU?

For participating pharmacies in government program reimbursement "of Available drugs" (or holiday pharmacy Agency of medicines subject to reimbursement) to contract with NCSU need:
- register the pharmacy in the electronic system of health’I to ensure that it authorised persons of the institutions that will be involved in the performance of the contract. 
- to provide electronic signature or signature equivalent to a handwritten signature in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On e-trust services" all employees who will work in electronic health system’I.
- have a computer’computer equipment, appropriate software and connection to the Internet in each pharmacy and the pharmacy where it will be carried out holiday of medicines under the agreement.

When will the applications for the conclusion of rembourser?

Apply for a Treaty remboursera when placing ads on the acceptance of applications for conclusion of a Treaty on remboursera on the website, NCSU. This ogoloshennya posted March 7, 2019.
For contracts that take effect from 1 April 2019, you must submit an application on conclusion of the contract until 18:00 on 25 March 2019.

How to create a statement of conclusion of the contract on remboursera with NCSU?

the Formation of a statement of agreement remboursera is using information systems that have the ability to connect to centralink database (CDB) e-health'I (eHealth).  At the time of submission of the application, a pharmacy must be registered in the eHealth. A statement formed from two types of information:
- information that gets to the application automatically and
- information that the institution makes on the stage of the application.
Such information are Bank account details, the validity of the contract, basis, on the basis of the document company and a list of pharmacies that will release the medicine on the electronic prescriptions for government program reimbursement “Affordable drugs”.

to form the statement, the head of pharmaceutical institutions imposes a qualified electronic signature. This statement is sent to NCSU.

What is the term of validity of the contract?

the Beginning of the term of the contracts, the statements are filed until March 25, is 1 April 2019. The beginning of the term of the contracts, the statements are filed after the March 25 date is defined as the imposition of electronic signatures all parties.By the end of the term of the contract is 31 December of the current year.

What to specify in paragraph “Operates on the basis”?

paragraph "Operates on the basis of" need to specify whereby the signer:
- for legal entities (institutions of communal forms of ownership, private enterprises, limited liability companies
subsidiaries, etc.) noted: “Charter”;
- for individuals-entrepreneurs: "record in the Unified state register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and public
groups  No. __ (specify the record number) _ _ _ (specify date)”.

You should pay attention to the successful submission of the application, NCSU?

we Recommend you to check the correctness and actuality of information about your institution in eHealth. Information about the Director, the name of the legal person and the address registers according to Min'justice, and information about pharmacies and pharmacy items in accordance with Register of places of implementation of activities in wholesale and retail trade of medicines.

What documents must be submitted along with the application?

the Procedure of submission of the contract does not provide for sending documents. All necessary information is provided in the current and sent the application to NCSU. However, if a pharmacy wishes to provide, NCSU on the right of signing of the contract of another person than the one specified in the Registry of Mines'of justice, he can attach relevant files to the application.

How long will the period of accepting applications from pharmacies for the conclusion of contracts about remboursera with NCSU?

the application Period for the conclusion of contracts is unlimited.

to get an agreement, whereby NCSU will reimburse the cost of drugs from April 1, the application for this contract must submit no later than 18:00 on 25 March 2019.

Application for a contract submitted after 18:00 on April 25 treated in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. The period of consideration of such applications, NCSU is 10 days.

There were technical problems when submitting statements on a Treaty on rembourser?

If you encounter a problem that your application is not sent to NCSU, make sure to check under'unity of the comp's memory on the Internet. The lack of access to the Internet at the time of submission of the application will prevent you from submitting the statement.

If you have stable access to the Internet, and applying for and then impossible, contact your information systems to determine and correct technical errors.

What to do if your application was rejected with the reason “information about a pharmacy does not match the information according to the official registries”?

the First stage of the verification process of the application for conclusion of a contract is a procedure for validation of information on pharmacy in electronic health system'I. The result of this test, a pharmacy can receive one of two statuses:
- verified, NCSU;
- not verified, NCSU with mandatory'obligatory sending of the comment information that has not passed verification.

if the statement of your pharmacy companies were rejected because of “information on pharmacy is not according to the official registers", we recommend you to check and update the data on pharmacy according to information from the Register Min'of the Ministry of justice and the licensing registry of civil service (license number, certificate, information on pharmacies and pharmacies that are specified in licenses and the like). After making or correct information about pharmacy institution in the relevant registers CDB need to create a new application and start the application process again.

What are the requirements for the registration of the employee?

Information that applies to the employee (suggest to specify what kind), his education, profession and qualification. 

What is an electronic prescription?

E-recipe –  the digital equivalent of a paper prescription, which is created, stored and transmitted using health information system electronic health system'me (eHealth). Information on recipes stored in the Central database of eHealth. 

How to identify e-prescription for treatments available?

Electronic recipe recipes registry is assigned a unique number (ID), which is formed from a set of numbers and letters in blocks of 4 on 4. Also, electronic prescription that is issued in eHealth has a confirmation code, which looks like a four digit set of numbers. The patient, who issued an electronic prescription for affordable drugs will receive a text message which read: “Your recipe is:XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Confirmation code: XXXX".

Which recipes, NCSU will reimburse the cost of drugs under the reimbursement program?

NCSU will reimburse the cost of drugs under the reimbursement program that is prescribed by primary care physicians in an electronic health system'I 1 April 2019. The cost of released drugs paper prescriptions reimbursed pharmacies under contract with NCSU will not.

Please note that all medicines released on electronic prescriptions, which are written in the e-health system'I program reimbursement funded and their cost will be reimbursed. Electronic prescriptions are written by primary care physicians within the total budget allocation for program reimbursement established in the budget program for the relevant month. If the total cost of medicines for all electronic prescriptions issued in the respective month is equal to the sum of the budget appropriations established in the budget for the corresponding month prescription electronic prescriptions through an electronic system of health’I is terminated before the beginning of next month.

When does the ability to release drugs on the program "Affordable medicine" on paper?

Paper prescriptions for drugs, the cost of which shall be reimbursed issued before March 31 must be released before 31 March 2019, inclusive.
Reimbursement of cost of drugs, released by paper prescriptions from 1 April not required by law.

Who can release drugs on electronic prescriptions for government program reimbursement “Affordable drugs”?

Release of drugs via a prescription can any pharmacy that has an agreement with NCSU regardless of the place of issuing such a prescription and no Pref's ligament to the place of residence of the patient.

What information is contained in the electronic prescription?

Electronic prescription contains all the information requested a paper prescription form №1, namely:
1. Data of the patient, physician, and health care’, I:
2. Information about the assigned medication:

  • MNN drugs
  • source of funding
  • quantity, unit of measure, about'em and the concentration of the active substance in one dose
  • dosage form
  • the number of doses
  • the use of drugs.
How will the release of drugs through electronic prescription at the pharmacy?

Each pharmacy may have its own characteristics release e-prescriptions, and it Wops'linked to internal business processes in the pharmacy. However, the sequence of actions in the electronic health system'I clearly defined:

  • pharmaceutical worker (FP) enters the recipe number in the information system
  • the OP is looking information in the recipe and offers options drug (trade names, variants surcharge),
  • the patient makes a choice, and the OP fixes the choice of the patient in the electronic system,
  • OP asks for code confirmation, the patient calls it, FP enters it into the system
  • the OP holds the fact leave online prescription cap.
How many e-prescriptions and for what amount can let go of a pharmacy under the program reimbursement?

set limits on the quantity and value of drugs released to institutions that work in the program of a reimbursement agreement with NCSU, is not provided.

What are the statuses of the electronic prescription are there? What actions are possible at each of the statuses?

Life cycle of an electronic prescription electronic health system'I has multiple statuses.

Prescription creates a physician. Actions since the release of the impossible.
For this recipe you can let go of LS.
On the prescription medicines dispensed at the pharmacy.
This recipe is cancelled by the physician, authorized person of a provider of medical services or NCSU. Dispensing this recipe is impossible.
prescription has expired. Dispensing this recipe is impossible.
this recipe is released PM. Dispensing this recipe is impossible.
For some time, you can release the medicine by e-prescription?

the validity of electronic prescription is 30 days from the date of issuing such prescription.

Who can cancel an electronic prescription?

to Cancel the prescription can doctor who wrote the prescription.

When cancelling a prescription, the patient receives an SMS message read: “Recalled prescription: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX from XX.XX.XX”.

in the absence of a telephone, the patient will have the opportunity to learn about the cancelled prescription only pharmacist on request to BOS.

Do I need to store electronic prescriptions?

Electronic prescriptions are stored in electronic health system'I. Pharmacy no liabilities’linked to organize the storage of electronic prescriptions at its facilities.