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For more effective use of detailed information about the amounts of payments to institutions in accordance with the number of declarations you can use the following filters:

-        Region.
-        ownership
-        a valid contract with NCSU
-        Search code enterprise
-        Search by name of the medical facility.

Please note when collecting data from multiple institutions, the top line displays the total number or declarations signed by these institutions, or the sum of their payments under the contract from NCSU, as of the 1st day of the current month.

Statistics you can also filter by clicking the corresponding tab:
1. Payments under contracts. Information is divided into columns by month with figures monthly payments under the contract with NCSU. Are all the above search filters.
2. The dynamics of submission of returns. Data are graphical displays of the monthly update of the amount paid, NCSU returns. There are filters for region, the form of ownership and enterprise code.

If you hover the mouse cursor over one of the column headers dashbord (type of property, name of institution, enterprise), you will see the mark “+” or “-”. If you click on the “ + ” to expand the line attributes, if you press “ - ” to collapse the  unnecessary data columns, this will precalculate data in the table according to the specified parameters.

the Section of the website is updated twice a month.