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Transparency and openness are important principles of our activities. NCSU ensures their implementation, through the use of modern electronic instruments.

the links below, you will find useful information on: payments of cash to medical institutions under contract with NCSU, places of service provision of primary health care, the status of readiness of connection to medical and pharmacy information systems within the framework of the Governmental program reimbursement “Affordable drugs” and the like. Guidelines for their most effective use are at the end of each dashboard. The data are dynamic and are updated several times a month.

- E-map of places in the provision of primary health care

- E-card-pharmacies-participants in Government programs reimbursement “Affordable drugs”

- Payments to medical institutions under contracts with NCSU

- Payments to pharmacies under contracts with NCSU

- Electronic prescriptions: a prescription and a vacation

- Detailing issued online prescriptions on the program “Affordable medicines»

- Statuses on medical and pharmacy  information systems in the framework of the Governmental program reimbursement “Affordable medicines»

- the State of consideration of applications for conclusion of agreements on rembourser

- Representation of medical institutions that provide PMD, statements about the conclusion of the agreement with NCSU