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What are the conditions to ensure that the institution has received funding from the National health service?

the Institution must be avtonomnoyi (transformed into Communal non-profit enterprise), to have a valid license, to be connected to e-Health, and sign a contract with the National health service'I.

What is meant is material-technical base of primary health care (health) care (POLICLINIC)?

the Material and technical base of the centers of primary medical (medical and sanitary) assistance is information about location of medical services and persons involved in the delivery of health services.

Whether necessarily there should be the duty of the office? Which should be the time it works?

So, mandatory'necessarily. Another office was created to provide medical care during weekends and holidays. If it is not possible to provide work in the duty office on their own, it is allowed to involve other medical institutions (emergency rooms of hospitals, emergency and urgent care)

If the doctor is on maternity leave do I need to specify it as a full-time unit?

No, not necessary. The national health service'I financed the provision of services for each patient and not on the maintenance staff. The new application form includes filling out information about doctors.

What could be the reasons for the refusal to sign the cooperation agreement with the National health service of Ukraine?

the national health service'I of Ukraine enters into contracts with all sub'entities that have a valid license to practice medicine, meet the Requirements to suppliers (Cabinet decision No. 391 25.04.2018 year) and filed a statement, which meets the conditions of the notification.

Do I need to attend in person when signing contracts?

No, personal presence is not required. The contract signed in electronic form.

You should pay attention before applying, NCSU?
What information should I include when completing the application?

When filling out the application, you must specify the following information:

  • name’I and patronymic of  the signer of the agreement by the supplier and proof of its authority;
  • the provision of services and a list of doctors providing primary medical care in the appropriate place in the provision of health services;
  • the number of the existing population, which is serviced by municipal institution of health’I  Annex 4 to the statement. This item applies only to applicants who are one of several municipal institutions of health’I have a PMD, within one administrative-territorial unit);
  • Bank details of the applicant;
  • the term of the contract (it should be noted  01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019);
  • a list of involved persons (contractors) of the applicant (in case of their absence, this information is also specified)
Method of application about the contract?

the Applicant shall submit to NCSU statement by filling in the corresponding fields via the automated workplace in the electronic medical information system (MIS), which was the applicant. Along with the application must be submitted  annexes that should be attached to the application in the form of scanned documents on the prescribed forms in PDF format.

What is the deadline on signing the contract?

the Deadline for submission of application and application expires in 18 hours 00 minutes Moscow time on December 20, 2018. Statement on the conclusion of the contract, including resolved disadvantages (re) submitted after the deadline will not be considered. With the aim of providing opportunities to the applicants to promptly correct errors in the application and submitted documents, NCSU recommends to apply and the application no later than December 17, 2018.

What are the special conditions for the provision of medical services under the contract?

features of realization of state guarantees of public medical care program the medical assurances to the PDP for 2019, the rates and adjustment coefficients established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Sub’object of management, who wishes to enter into a contract with NCSU on specified in the advertisement must conform to the provider of medical services to the population with which the main managers of budgetary funds are the contracts on health care of the population, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 28, 2018 № 391.

What medical services under the program of state guarantees of medical care must be provided in accordance with the Contract?

Medical services, floor’connected with the provision of primary health care (hereinafter-MIP) provided by the Procedure for provision of primary medical care, approved by order of Ministry of health ' I Ukraine № 504 dated March 19, 2018.

Requirements for completing the Application №1 to the application?

Scanned copies of the documents confirming powers of the person on signing of the contract on behalf of the applicant, namely the notification of compliance according to the prescribed form. Annex 1 is a separate file as a scanned copy of the signed document in PDF format. Annex 1 is required’obligatory for all applicants to be attached to the statement.

Whose digital signature is used to sign the contract between the institution and the National health service?

the Agreement signed by the Agency head of health’I or a person authorized to sign the contract (obligations’must be a document confirming such a right, for example, the order of appointment, power of attorney, etc.).

Requirements for completing the Appendix No. 2 to the statement?

Addendum No. 2 entered Information about involved persons (contractors) of the applicant. In the case if the involved persons do not exist, this must be specified in the application. Annexes 2, 3, 4 are submitted in the form of scanned copies of signed documents in PDF format in one file to be attached to the  statements.

If the newly created NRC has not yet made a new electronic key, you can sign the old key

sub'facility management, namely the municipal non-profit enterprise, must ensure the production of a new digital signatures and seals for officials in newly PSC (resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1452 dated 28.10.04). A key that existed in previous legal entity can be imposed on the documents of another person, namely a newly KNP.

What to do in case of technical issues that arise during the filling of the electronic fields and/or apply?

In case of technical issues that arise during the filling of the electronic fields and/or application, please contact the operators of electronic medical information systems in which you are registered.